POWER EXCEL LUBRICANTS SDN BHD is a manufacturer that specializes in one-stop lubricants solution for many years. We have broad experiences to serve different industries such as car workshop, automotive industry, construction, logistics and transportation, etc. We have a group of lubricant specialists to support our customer with the best solution for lubricants. Our products include car engine oil, heavy duty engine oil, engine treatment and additives, gear oil, industrial oil, etc. Shall you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

How often should I change my engine oil?
 10 Jun 2022

The question of how often drivers of conventional passenger cars or light trucks should change their oil is hotly debated in the automotive sector.

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Golden Bull Award Winner
 13 Apr 2022

Recently we managed to clinch the Golden Bull award for oustanding business category. We are glad we managed to make another milestone.

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10 Bilboards Around Johor
 13 Apr 2022

Power Up Malaysia has recently erected 10 billboads along the North South highway, 10 being in Johor.

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