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Is There a Difference Between Motorcycle and Car Oil?

Automotive Oil is not the same as you think…

The vehicle that we most use nowadays is either cars or motorcycles in our daily life despite of using public transports. However, both of these vehicles need to make regular maintenance to make sure it is safe to use and does not makes any problems in the future. As we already covered on previous article How To Pick The Right Motor Oil For Your Car, we have given several guides to choose motor oil for your vehicle, but does this make different for cars and motorcycles?

Motorcycle Engine Oil

Motorcycle engine oil can give benefits to its transmission as well, as it lubricates the engine and the transmission, also cools down the components. In results, this makes the motorcycle engine oils need to have higher frictional properties that is necessary to lubricates the wet clutch which transfers power to the drive train. You can find motorcycle engine oil labelled with 4T or 2T which specifically for motorcycle and other engines that works similar to it.

Car Engine Oil

Car engine does not react the same way, as the engine and the transmission has dedicated oils. This is because the car engine contains friction modifiers, therefore car engine oil is formulated to reduce the friction between moving parts of the engine. By reducing the friction, this also gives benefits to car performance which can have more mileage as it is fuel efficiency and economics. Besides, car engine oils also contain detergent additives with high ash contents compare to motorcycles that have fewer, as high detergent additives will cause perforation and burning to the motorcycle’s engine components due to the build-up of pressure.

In conclusion, the answer to the different between cars oil and motorcycle oil is YES, both of cars and motorcycles need to use its dedicated vehicle engine oil as the engine gives different reaction and it will cause damages to the engine if it has been switched. So, we cannot simply use any engine oil without knowing it suitability to our vehicles.