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About Us

Our company, Lubrimax (M) Sdn Bhd is the largest manufacturer of lubricants in Malaysia that mainly produces for OEM toll blending purposes and our in-house brand, Power Up engine oil. We have been in the lubricant manufacturing industry for over 28 years since the year 1994. Currently, we specialize in manufacturing and blending of specialty lubricants, common lubricants as well as chemicals & additives for the automotive industry. We also manufacture quality silicone sealant suitable for hot and humid climate such as the South East Asia region. Our customers include mainly Wholesales, Importers, Exporters, White Labelling and OEM (Private labelling. We also export to more than 30 countries actively such as Thailand, China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, South America, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia and Vietnam. Advance Lube Enterprise Sdn Bhd is our trading company mainly producing for local OEM purposes. Power Excel Lubricants is also our other trading arm for in-house brands namely Power Up.

We have about 140 employees in our factory. We have more than 30 sales staff and 5 distributors across the whole of Malaysia, boasting a 300,000 square feet factory size.

We currently operate under two factories, one for Local Private Labeling and both Power Up & Hi-Power products while another factory is specifically designed for mass production of export products and other bullk orders.
我们的公司 Lubrimax (M) Sdn Bhd 是马来西亚最大的润滑油制造商,主要生产 OEM 收费混合用途和我们的内部品牌 Power Up 发动机油。自 1994 年以来,我们在润滑油制造行业已有超过 28 年的历史。目前,我们专注于制造和混合特种润滑油、普通润滑油以及汽车行业的化学品和添加剂。我们还生产适合东南亚地区等炎热潮湿气候的优质有机硅密封胶。我们的客户主要包括批发商,进口商,出口商,白标和OEM(私人标签。我们还积极出口到泰国,中国,印度尼西亚,新加坡,韩国,日本,迪拜,南美,沙特阿拉伯等30多个国家,柬埔寨和越南。Advance Lube Enterprise Sdn Bhd 是我们的贸易公司,主要为当地的 OEM 目的生产。Power Excel Lubricants 也是我们内部品牌的另一个贸易部门,即 Power Up。

我们工厂有大约 140 名员工。我们在全马拥有超过 30 名销售人员和 5 名分销商, 拥有300,000平方英尺的工厂规模。

我们目前在两家工厂运营,一家用于本地自有品牌以及 Power Up 和 Hi-Power 产品,而另一家工厂专门设计用于批量生产出口产品和其他大宗订单。