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Golden Bull Award Winner

Recently we managed to clinch the Golden Bull award for oustanding business category. We are glad we managed to make another milestone. We came so far since 1993, currently this is our first award we ever participated. Hopefully we can receive more in the years to come.


The Best

Among the Rest

Consider what sets great businesses apart from ordinary businesses. Why does 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first year, while some go on to become global leaders? Many of us would consider it a combination of hardwork, talent and luck. But more importantly, we believe that great businesses possess innate strength built from years of preparation and understanding the fundamentals of doing business. This, when combined with consistent growth, a result of vision and courage, sets great businesses apart from the rest. For these businesses, the Golden Bull Award epitomises the strength and growth of their businesses: forever steadfast, forever charging forward.